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+91- 9990807807

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To opt for a loan you need to adhere to the following conditions:


  • You need to be a citizen of India with no criminal charges against you
  • You should be having a positive credit score
  • You should be more than 21 and less than 65 years of age

Other than this, there are particular conditions for particular types of loans

The general rate of interest for personal loan varied from 2% to 4%.

Well, that depends on the amount of loan you want to get. More the number of properties you are ready for mortgage, more the amount of loan you can avail.

Generally, loans are not offered to NRIs. However, there are certain provisions with respect to NRIs which you can know of. Contact us if you want to know them in details.

Yes. You can opt for Guarantor loan with a close buddy of yours who is ready to be nominated on your behalf.

ou can drop us an email or call us in the contact details mentioned in the contact us section.